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Daytona Beach is very much a beach town, with surf shops, carnival rides along the boardwalk, and water sports all along the coast. Charter boats are available to take anglers out to the deep seas in search of their quarry. Surfing is very popular in Daytona Beach, as are all forms of water sports. And for those who'd prefer to stay dry, a parade of exciting rides can be found in the area, as well as the Sky Surfer, a ride that takes you ski-lift style over the waters of the Atlantic.

Much of Daytona Beach is dedicated to fast cars, fast motorcycles, and the people who worship them. This is evident in the dozen or so go-kart tracks sprinkled throughout the city, some of which top speeds of up to 75 mph. Historically the beaches themselves, which are wide and smooth, were used for high-speed testing and even car races. Nowadays, though, racing is no longer allowed, although Daytona remains one of the few places in Florida where driving is still permitted on the beach.

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